Create your text design in minutes, not hours.

Using Inkscape with 1 printable PDF guide & 24 different SVG filter files.

  • Select

    Select the SVG file with the pre-configured filter effect you want to use.

  • Modify

    Change the font, font size, and color. Modify the placeholder text with your text.

  • Save

    Export your text design as PNG or JGP. Save the SVG with new name to re-use.

Cool Text Designs With 24 Inkscape Filters

1 Printable PDF, 24 Pre-config'd SVGs, Video Demo & Instruction

You could probably figure this out with a lot of time and patience....

I created this because I spent several weeks working with Inkscape Filters. Most filters are applied to images. So, I spent time testing filters with text. Now let me save you time. Get started with the pre-configured filter SVGs.

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Why Create This Course & What To Expect

  • 2

    Using Inkscape Filters

    • Lesson 1 - Understanding The Included Inkscape Filter Printable PDF

    • Lesson 2 - Video Demos - Using Inkscape Filters

  • 3

    BONUS Lessons

    • Creating With Multiple Fonts

    • Creating With Multiple Filters

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • Thanks for taking the mini-series

24 Filters, unlimited font choices, colors and size

The easiest way you'll ever see to quickly make logos, text headers, print-on-demand text designs and more. (Free Inkscape software non-included found at

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